Can Our Small Actions Actually Make a Difference?


When I first read The Irresistible Revolution in college, Shane Claiborne’s example became a pretty clear image for what I wanted my faith to look like- not a collection of ideas or theories, but a proactive love that led to confronting injustice and standing with the poor and vulnerable.

I know Nick Laparra is cut from a similar cloth. The conversations he hosts on Let’s Give A Damn are full of compassion, creativity, and boldness. He’s had on some great guests like Shane, Rainn Wilson, Chelsea Clinton, oh, and even yours truly! What???

Then two years ago, I got to meet Khun Tui. At the time he led Plant With Purpose’s work in Thailand among refugees and ethnic minorities. I resonated so much with his ambition and energy to maximize his impact on his community.

What these three guys- and many other people I’ve since met- share is a belief that the small things lead to big change. And whether it’s starting gardens in inner city Philly or shifting to a plant based diet or helping refugees learn sustainable farming, they’re backing those beliefs with action. They embody one of my favorite quotes by Desmond Tutu- small acts of good are the ones that overwhelm the world.

That makes me so freaking lucky to have them as guests on my podcast, and like, all on the same episode to boot! Episode 5 asks the question- if most environmental problems are caused by like, a few dozen mega corporations and governments, why focus so much on small actions? This is just the right squad to help answer.

Stream below!

Philippe Lazaro