Santa Barbara Babymoon

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Trips to Santa Barbara now are always pretty surreal.

On one hand, I’ll always feel a really warm welcome the second I’m back around those gold tinted mountains and south-facing coastline. The smell of its soil alone can trigger so many memories set to my old college playlists. And it’ll always be the place where everything began.

But also, it makes me think of the literally hundreds of people I used to find all here who’ve now scattered across the country. In terms of community, those were my richest years. I don’t think I took it for granted, because even then I knew it was something special, but still, I miss that!

What I know for sure was that coming up for a quick visit spontaneously was a great decision.

Thanks to Zach and Hallie for spoiling us with your hospitality! And great getting to hang with you, Bre, Bryce, and Jase

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Philippe Lazaro