A little self-awareness goes a really long way.

It’s totally different than self-absorption. I remember times where I directed way too much energy towards trying to craft some sort of image, to come across as a certain way, or to impress the right groups of people. It’s amazing how much time you can spend thinking about yourself without self-awareness.

Self-awarness takes honesty. Knowing your natural strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and tendencies can be such a difference-maker. The more I’ve understood these things about myself, the more I’ve understood the best ways for me to help people, things I should commit to that challenge me, and why the same event might trigger different reactions from me than other people I’m close to.

I’ve learned to embrace my adventurous side, while realizing that the things that grow me more are long term, patience-testing commitments. I’ve learned to appreciate the fact that I’m an inevitable optimist without expecting the same amount of belief from other people.

Everyone has their own path to growth, but it’s so much easier to commit to growth when you know your starting points.

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