September 2019

#244 Frolf.JPG

#244 Frolf

01 September 2019 // Goleta, California

A round of disc golf in the Santa Barbara woodsl

#245 See You SB.JPG

#245 See You SB

02 September 2019 // Santa Barbara, California

Trips to Santa Barbara now are always pretty surreal.

On one hand, I’ll always feel a really warm welcome the second I’m back around those gold tinted mountains and south-facing coastline. The smell of its soil alone can trigger so many memories set to my old college playlists. And it’ll always be the place where everything began.

But also, it makes me think of the literally hundreds of people I used to find all here who’ve now scattered across the country. In terms of community, those were my richest years. I don’t think I took it for granted, because even then I knew it was something special, but still, I miss that!

What I know for sure was that coming up for a quick visit spontaneously was a great decision.

Thanks to Zach and Hallie for spoiling us with your hospitality! And great getting to hang with you, Bre, Bryce, and Jase

#246 Hospital Tour.JPG

#246 Hospital Tour

03 September 2019 // San Diego, California

Got a tour of the hospital where it all goes down in a month or two.!

#247 Bookshelf Inspiration.JPG

#247 Bookshelf Inspiration

04 September 2019 // San Diego, California

Got to spend a little bit of time in my favorite bookstore in town yesterday.

Definitely spent some time admiring these shelves and getting inspiration for the ones I want to build in our kids’ room.

Also, motivated to pick up the pace with my reading a little bit. I’d steamrolled through my reading list earlier in the year, but lately I’ve been falling asleep so quickly after making contact with my bed.

With summer winding down, here are the reads I went through.

Boy Swallows Universe, Trent Dalton
Normal People, Sally Rooney
26 Marathons, Meb Keflizighi
Savage Feast, Boris Fishman
American Spy, Lauren Wilkinson
Gingerbread, Helen Oyeyemi

The Dreamers, Karen Thompson Walker
Shameless, Nadia Bolz Weber
Heavy, Kiese Laymon

I See You, Terrence Lester
The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker

#248 Crib in Progress

05 September 2019 // San Diego, California

About time to start getting a move on putting our nursery together. At least the crib is all set up now.

#249 Library of Bitters.JPG

#249 Library of Bitters

06 September 2019 // San Diego, California

Tonight I sampled Gumbo flavored bitters.

#250 Found Family Improv Show.JPG

#250 Found Family Improv Show

07 September 2019 // San Diego, California

I had so much fun last night!

We learned that my job actually involves interviewing Pablo Escobar over calzones, that every child deserves access to an Office Max, and that some HR managers really like Sisqo.

Few things throw me into a good mood quite like Improv night and I appreciate Found Family letting me join the show yesterday as a featured guest!

#251 Poor Law.JPG

#251 Poor Law

08 September 2019 // San Diego, California

they were all basically connected
due to a complex combination
of life
and the influence of foreign compassion

#252 Breastfeeding 101.JPG

#252 Breastfeeding 101

09 September 2019 // San Diego, California

This two hour seminar on breastfeeding summed up in one sentence: every kid is different, but give it your best shot.

#253 Two To Mango.jpeg

#253 Two To Mango

10 September 2019 // San Diego, California

I was surprised and happy to see that Coffee & Tea Collective’s special summer flavors were still in effect.

#254 Under the Fake Mango Tree.jpeg

#254 Under the Fake Mango Tree

11 September 2019 // San Diego, California

MNGO in Clairemont. New discovery. Can’t wait to go more often.

#255 Palm Cluster.JPG

#255 Palm Cluster

12 September 2019 // San Diego, California

Returned a library book that had gone MIA for way too long.

#256 Scabby Head.JPG

#256 Scabby Head

13 September 2019 // San Diego, California

Somebody couldn’t stop scratching her scabs off, so now we’re getting a BUZZ CUT!

#257 Bakersfield Baby Shower.JPG

#257 Bakersfield Baby Shower

14 September 2019 // Bakersfield, California

32 weeks. 🌈 The size of a Care Bear.

It’s crazy to think about how close we are to having a kid out in the world. So many things are about to change. The version of life I’ve gotten used to just has a few more weeks left.

I’ve still got a nursery to finish, thank you cards to write, etc. And I’m looking forward to savoring each of these projects.

We had our baby shower in Bakersfield yesterday. Thanks so much to everybody who was able to come! It means a lot to me that baby is gonna grow up with a crew of great friends, family, family friends, aunts and uncles in his corner.

Now who wants to place bets on if Baby comes before, after, or during:

🔆 The Vampire Weekend show we have tickets for -10/3
🔆 Deanna’s 30th Birthday - 10/9
🔆 Game One of the World Series - 10/22
🔆 Halloween - 10/31
🔆 The launch of Disney Plus - 11/12


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