World Suicide Prevention Day 2019


I’m drawn to the work of finding hope in dark and difficult situations.

Sometimes that’s a conflict zone.
Sometimes that’s a remote village in an exploited country.
But a lot of times, it’s the hidden inner life of the person next to us.
Or ourselves.

Pain is real.

Sometimes the people who struggle the most hide it best.

But hope is real too.

This time about one year ago was one of the most difficult stretches I’d gone through in some time. If it taught me anything it was that just because you don’t feel hopeful doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. Hope exists even in the refusal to give up.

Today is #worldsuicidepreventiondayand I am a deep admirer of anyone who does work that helps prevent the number one killer of my age group.
For some, that’s working professionally in the mental health field.
For others, it’s creating innovative campaigns to end stigma.
For others, it’s working to reduce things like firearm access and increase things like access to counseling.
For others, it’s being an available listener.
And for some, it’s making the promise to yourself to stay.

The world needs you.
Because you were made to light up the world in a way nobody else can.

Philippe Lazaro