For many brands, websites are everything. Literally.

A significant amount of consumers discover brands and make decisions based on what they see on an organization’s website. This means that when it comes to business, every word and every element of design counts!

I’ve built websites for a variety of brands, from nonprofits to personal services to high end businesses.

I can help make sure your site is easy to navigate, and that it reflects the quality product or service you have to offer.

Full Website Package – $2500

Includes everything included in the five webpage package but for up to five additional pages, a website announcement email and social media post. (Approx. 2 months turnaround)

5 Webpage Package – $1600

Includes a brand consultation, five pages’ worth of wireframe and web design, writing for all copy on each of these pages, a round of design revisions, and backend access for simple maintenance. (Approx. 1-2 months turnaround)

About Page – $500

Includes a brand consultation, strategic content and format suggestions, 300-400 well-crafted words, and one round of revisions. (Approx. 1 week turnaround)

Sales/Landing Page – $300

Includes a brand consultation, strategic content and format suggestions, 100-300 well-crafted words, and one round of revisions. (Approx. 1 week turnaround)


In recent years, some of the fastest growing companies have seen their products take off as a result of well planned and well executed social media strategies.

Social media is more than a technological trend. Successful companies are ones that form relationships with their clients. The ability to stay connected on a daily basis alongside friends and family members offers companies unprecedented opportunities to build relationships.

I have a strong familiarity with most major social media platforms and I can help you stand out in this crowded space.


Social Media Strategy – $800

Includes an hour-long consultation where I will help you determine what social media platforms you need to be on, what sort of posts you need to write, and how to best incorporate this into your workflow.

Two Month Editorial Calendar Plan – $1500

Includes a brand consultation, strategy, and a two month schedule for social media posts for a single platform, plus one round of revisions.

Social Media Sequence – $800

Includes a brand consultation, strategy and schedule, ten social media posts on a single platform, and a round of revisions. (Approx. 1 week turnaround)

Email Sequence – $750

Includes a brand consultation, a strategy and schedule, five emails, and a round of revisions. (Approx. 1 week turnaround)


There are countless brands and companies out there that do excellent and important work but don’t get a lot of attention because they aren’t telling stories in a compelling way.

I use my skills of storytelling to help organizations present their services in a lively way that intrigues audiences and positions them as the most valuable, most helpful service around.

I've helped evaluate existing strategies to see if they are effective or to explore how they can best evolved. I've performed audits on materials including written copy and websites.

I can also work with teams to help them solve problems and ensure everyone's skills are being best put to use in order to tell the right story to the right audience.

Materials Audit – $400

Includes a user friendly report of website narrative, page-by-page evaluations, SWOT analysis, and key recommendations. (Approx. 2 week turnaround)

Brand Taglines & Mission Statements – $300

Includes brand consultation, market research, and a list of ten options, plus a round of revisions. (Approx. 1 week turnaround)

Identity Consultation - $800

Includes an hour-long brand consultation, market research, best practices, and a user friendly report with recommendations on how to tell the story of your mission, how to connect with customers, and how to be noticed as unique apart from the competition.

Campaign Strategic Planning - $750

Includes an hour-long brand consultation, market research, a SWOT analysis, a list of campaign phases, campaign budget, action steps, and a project timeline. (Approx. 2 week turnaround)


Using just the right words in just the right places can get a lot done.

A compelling media release, a well crafted annual report, or blog content that strikes a chord with your audience can turn their mild curiosity into a strong desire to take part in what you have to offer. Thankfully, I happen to be a pretty strong wordsmith. I’d love to make sure your written materials leave your audience feeling excited about your brand.

As a published author, and a contributor to publications including Conscious Magazine, Converge Magazine, Relevant Magazine, and Good Men Project, I work hard to make sure every word used helps create a compelling and convincing story that people can relate to.

Media Releases – $100

Includes a brand consultation, a 500-750 word media release fitting common practices of journalism standards, a round of revisions, and submissions to three local or relevant media platforms.

Editorial Posts – $80

Need a contributor for an online magazine or publication? I have been published on numerous platforms for thousands of readers including Relevant Magazine and Good Men Project. Includes a submitted article about your product/service or a related issue or topic of your choice.

Materials Writing – $50*

Includes first 300 words and one round of revisions for print materials such as product packaging, brochures, mail campaigns, or annual reports. $20 for each additional 100 words.

Newsletters or Blog Posts – $80

Includes a brand consultation, strategy, a 500-750 word newsletter update or blog post intended for a more informal audience compared to a media release, and a round


An ever-increasing amount of work and business is done digitally. Technology allows people to accomplish an increasing amount of tasks over screens and signals.

Believe it or not, these trends actually make in-person communication all the more powerful. A tangible product display stands out in comparison to an online product description. People will remember an enthusiastic, in-person description of your organization’s work better than they’ll remember the text on your home page.

Tours, events, and live presentations can prove to be invaluable opportunities for your brand to stand out from the crowd in a sea of noise.

Public Speaking – $2000, plus travel

I am an experienced and comfortable public speaker who blends personal experience, humor, and unconventional ideas in order to tell stories that relate to audiences’ lives. I’ve spoken at conferences, churches, and universities about the importance of being present, of the challenges of pursuing social justice, or the role of adventure in our lives. See my books and essays to get a sense of topics I can speak about authentically.

Tour/Event Planning – $5000 for up to three events

Includes a timeline, budget, and presentation sequence designed to captivate and connect with your audience. (Approx. 2 months of planning a minimum of 2 months prior to the event)

Script and Materials Writing – $700

Includes 20 minutes worth presentation scripts, sequence of events planning, and materials writing, plus one round of revisions. (Approx. 1 month of working time a minimum of 1 month prior to event)

Speech Writing – $1000

Includes a written script of the speech and one round of training and rehearsal. (Approx. 1 week turnaround a minimum of 2 weeks prior to event)

Philippe Lazaro