There are countless brands and companies out there that do excellent and important work but don’t get a lot of attention because they aren’t telling stories in a compelling way. I use my skills of storytelling to help organizations present their services in a lively way that intrigues audiences and positions them as the most valuable, most helpful service around.

Materials Audit – $400

Includes a user friendly report of website narrative, page-by-page evaluations, SWOT analysis, and key recommendations. (Approx. 2 week turnaround)

Brand Taglines & Mission Statements – $300

Includes brand consultation, market research, and a list of ten options, plus a round of revisions. (Approx. 1 week turnaround)

Identity Consultation - $800

Includes an hour-long brand consultation, market research, best practices, and a user friendly report with recommendations on how to tell the story of your mission, how to connect with customers, and how to be noticed as unique apart from the competition.

Campaign Strategic Planning - $750

Includes an hour-long brand consultation, market research, a SWOT analysis, a list of campaign phases, campaign budget, action steps, and a project timeline. (Approx. 2 week turnaround)

Philippe Lazaro