Using just the right words in just the right places can get a lot done. A compelling media release, a well crafted annual report, or blog content that strikes a chord with your audience can turn their mild curiosity into a strong desire to take part in what you have to offer. Thankfully, I happen to be a pretty strong wordsmith. I’d love to make sure your written materials leave your audience feeling excited about your brand.

Media Releases – $100

Includes a brand consultation, a 500-750 word media release fitting common practices of journalism standards, a round of revisions, and submissions to three local or relevant media platforms.

Editorial Posts – $80

Need a contributor for an online magazine or publication? I have been published on numerous platforms for thousands of readers including Relevant Magazine and Good Men Project. Includes a submitted article about your product/service or a related issue or topic of your choice.

Materials Writing – $50*

Includes first 300 words and one round of revisions for print materials such as product packaging, brochures, mail campaigns, or annual reports. $20 for each additional 100 words.

Newsletters or Blog Posts – $80

Includes a brand consultation, strategy, a 500-750 word newsletter update or blog post intended for a more informal audience compared to a media release, and a round

Philippe Lazaro