Third Trimester

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Third trimester. Here we go!

According to our OB Visit, 28 weeks marks the official start of the Act III, and so for us, that starts today.

It's a milestone worth celebrating for sure, but also- we are very much in the thick of things as far as pregnancy goes, so your prayers are all appreciated.

Also, I know pregnancy is never really easy, but almost everything looks easy compared to what Deanna's been doing for the past six months.

In case you've been taking it for granted how much of a champ @deanna.suzanna is (we're all taking it for granted. Including me and I'm married to her) how many people do you know recover from a broken leg, buy a house and move twice, close in on a social work license, manage chronic illness and diabetes, and work a job that's as demanding as two jobs all while growing a human life in her belly? Oh, and I forgot to mention that she's probably saved a good handful of lives during that time at her job, and she's not even allowed to talk about it!

These days, I really wish there were more I could do to share that load. A lot of you that know us probably do too. But I'm more in a Samwise Gamgee role. "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you."

So, if you know her number- text her right now and let her know that she is absolutely crushing it and that this little negative three month old boy is so lucky to have her as a mom. And feel free to text me too about how lucky I am to be married to her. Cause that’s the troof.

Philippe Lazaro