JULY 2019

#182 November Project - Fashion Valley.JPG


01 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Made it out for a November Project workout for the first time in months. So glad I made it back. Hoping to make it out there more often.

#183 Boy Swallows Universe.JPG


02 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Such a bizarre, beautiful, brutal story and I loved the way this was told.

Plus the setting in inner city Australia was a world I had a fun time exploring for 400 plus pages.

#184 Teralta Park.JPG


03 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Sweet, simple dog walks in the afternoon- I’m all about that.

#185 Fourth with Kirsten & Josh.JPG


04 July 2019 // San Diego, California

I never really know what to do for the Fourth of July, but joining Kirsten and Josh for some great BBQ was the right choice.

#186 Cafeina.JPG


05 July 2019 // San Diego, California

I had a day off and all to myself. Time for a solo adventure!

Testing out the mazapan lattes at a new coffee shop in the neighborhood, climbing down Sunset Cliffs, and catching Spider-Man Far From Home were on the agenda.

#187 Can Eat BBQ.JPG


06 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Went out with some friends for Korean Fried Chicken.

This wasn’t the spot, but I couldn’t resist taking a pic with this eclectic window display.

#188 It's A Boy.JPG

#188 IT’S A BOY

07 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Who was thinking boy???

According to my Instagram survey, only 22% of you were. And I think Beignet was hoping for another girl. Or another puppy.

But we’re thrilled! See you in 3.5 months little man. We’ll keep in touch via morse code on mama’s belly til then.

#189 Temporary Office.JPG


08 July 2019 // San Diego, California

We’re moving to the suite next door, and that’s gonna be a pretty different vibe.

#190 Weeknight at Dog Beach.JPG


09 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Took Beignet on an impromptu visit to dog beach tonight and that was a wise decision.

#191 Heavy.JPG

#191 HEAVY

10 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Finally got around to reading this book and the hype was right. Kiese Laymon can really write.

#192 The Nocilla Experience.JPG


11 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Read through this book so fast, but that’s not a compliment. I was on a plane and it was more like a fast-forward. Simply put, cool concept, but when it came to the execution of the story, I didn’t get it.

#193 Grassroots Launch.JPG


12 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Threw a launch party at You Belong Here to celebrate the release of the Grassroots podcast. Loved the space and it was fun connecting with a bunch of podcast listeners.

#194 Leopard Shark Dip

13 July 2019 // La Jolla, California

Even though I’ve been doing a lot less travel this summer while getting ready for baby, we’ve been on some pretty sweet adventures not far at all from home.

This week I went to an expecting parents gathering. It was in the ocean and everybody else there was actually a pregnant leopard shark. 🦈🦈🦈 They like to come to our coves in the summer and spawn. As long as you’re friendly, they’re friendly and they don’t mind swimming around your feet in while standing chest deep in between waves.

The feeling of warmer salt water on skin lately has been pretty much amazing. If I’m gonna be much more home based for the foreseeable future, I’ll be glad it’s a home fifteen minutes from the coast.

#195 Osprey.JPG

#195 Osprey

14 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Check out this osprey I found perched in the hood. #birdsofprey #nerdsofprey

#196 Mango Topo.JPG

#196 Mango Topo

15 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Coffee and Tea Collective has dedicated their summer entirely to mango and I am so here for it.

#197 Desertscape.JPG

#197 Desertscape

16 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Appreciation for the dry desert climate I live in doesn’t come naturally, but it’s growing.

#198 Lego Winona.JPG

#198 Lego Winona

17 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Spent a night with LEGO Winona and the massive expensive LEGO set I have yet to complete.

#199 Haley in Kensington.JPG

#199 Haley in Kensington

18 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Got a visit from Haley this week and had a blast. And a pizza.

#200 Cafeina Grand Open.JPG

#200 Cafeina Grand Open

19 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Made the spontaneous call to go to the grand opening of Cafeina and I’m glad I did. The canela latte I ordered led to a bonus concha and two free tacos.

#201 Ocean Recreation.JPG

#201 Ocean Recreation

20 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Tried -key word tried- to recreate one of the classic photos from our honeymoon.

#202 Post WDS Meetup.JPG

#202 Post WDS Meetup

21 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Always happy to hang with the San Diego WDS Crew.

#203 Piggy Buns.JPG

#203 Piggy Buns

22 July 2019 // San Diego, California

This is probably the best “birthday complimentary treat” I’ve gotten from a restaurant. Glad Shelly requested Steamy Piggy for her birthday. I’ve driven past so many times, not knowing how good the food was inside.

#204 Freezer Drama.JPG

#204 Freezer Drama

23 July 2019 // San Diego, California

We’ve been having some freezer-over-freezing issues this summer. Someone send help.

#205 Simon's Visit.JPG

#205 Simon’s Visit

24 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Per usual, I’ve loved having the nephews around this week.

#206 Mango Sticky Rice.JPG

#206 Mango Sticky Rice

25 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Easily one of my favorite desserts. All it takes are four ingredients.

#207 Bali Hai.JPG

#207 Bali Hai

26 July 2019 // San Diego, California

Trips to Bali Hai are always tasty. Tonight: Pele’s Revenge, a Rum Runner, incredible poke, and some scallop on butter grits.

#208 SD Night Market.JPG

#208 SD Night Market

27 July 2019 // San Diego, California

I really wish this event was as fun as I thought it was going to be. Unfortunately, I think the organizers really underestimated the amount of people who would be there, resulting in hour long waits for everything- getting in, each food truck, etc. A few of the vendors ran out of stuff way early for an event that was going to run until midnight. Hopefully future events get better.

#209 Dog Park Greens.JPG

#209 Dog Park Greens

28 July 2019 // San Diego, California

The dog park on summer evenings is where it’s at.

#210 Squid Ink Corn Dog.JPG

#210 Squid Ink Corn Dog

29 July 2019 // San Diego, California

I can’t say Korean squid ink breaded mozzarella corn dogs are what I usually eat on my lunch breaks, but I had to satiate my curiosity as much as my appetite.

#211 One Month Office.JPG

#211 One Month Office

30 July 2019 // San Diego, California

The month we’ve spent in this temporary office space has gone by pretty fast!

#212 Gregory Boyle.JPG

#212 Gregory Boyle

31 July 2019 // Atlanta, Georgia

“Tenderness is the highest form of spiritual maturity.”

Father Gregory Boyle said this at Plywood Presents and he lives it out in his work with Homeboy Industries. He’s a speaker I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I missed out on a few opportunities to do so, but I’m glad I finally got to tonight.

Philippe Lazaro